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The CUSPEA Prize
In October 2020, the CUSPEA Foundation decided to launch the annual CUSPEA PRIZE to honor outstanding young scientists and educators who have demonstrated international scientific cooperation as well as a proven record of the exchange and dissemination of scientific ideas and research across borders and nations. Each year, the CUSPEA PRIZE will honor up to three outstanding young scientists from anywhere in the world, thus paying tribute to Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee, along with the intangible efforts of scientists worldwide who have promoted international scientific exchange and cooperation. 
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Award Committee

The first Award committee

The CUSPEA Foundation has invited renowned scientists who are enthusiastic about promoting international exchanges and collaborations to form the "CUSPEA PRIZE" award committee. The first committee is chaired by a Nobel laureate and six other well-known scientists in various fields, who are members of different national academies.

Prof. Anthony Leggett

Chairman of the committee

Sir Anthony J. Leggett is a world leader in the field of low-temperature physics. His pioneering work on super-fluidity was recognized by the 2003 Nobel Prize in Physics. He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States and a fellow of the Royal Society (U.K.). He was knighted (KBE) by Queen Elizabeth II in 2004 "for services to physics."

Dr. Zhonglin Wang

Member of the committee

Dr. Zhonglin Wang is the winner of the 2019 Albert Einstein World Award of Science, the 2018 ENI award in Energy Frontiers, the 2015 Thomson-Reuters Citation Laureate in Physics. Dr. Wang is a foreign member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Canadian Academy of Engineering.

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