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Tsung-Dao Lee: bridging two cultures
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Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of “parity violation” theory, together with Dr. Chen-Ning Yang in 1957.

The discovery of “parity violation” was called one of the most amazing findings in the history of science by the British scientist C.P. Snow. In Snow’s famous lecture “the Two Cultures” in 1959, he described this discovery as “a piece of work of the greatest beauty and originality”, and this “beauty of thinking” is an important bridge between “humanistic culture” and “scientific culture”. The cross road of the scientific and humanistic cultures, could demonstrate very special beauties and values.

This article is a collection of artworks by Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee, as well as artworks inspired by Dr. Lee but created by other famous artists. Dr. Lee believes that art is the creative method of evoking emotions that are deeply embedded in each person's conscious or subconscious mind; science is the creative and accurate observation and abstraction of the phenomena of nature, and the summary of this abstraction is the laws of nature. The common foundation of art and science is the creative power of human beings, and the goal they both pursue is the universality of truth. In Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee's artistic creations and his communication with the artist, we can see the intersection of art and science.

Part one: Dr. Lee’s art works

1. Quick Sketch

大师李政道的科学和社会贡献_页面_1.jpg     2.The bronze statue of Galileo

Designed and presented by Dr. Lee to thank the world scientists for their help to China.

大师李政道的科学和社会贡献_页面_2.jpg     Part two: Artworks collabrated by Dr. Lee and other Artists 

In the early 1960s, at Librairie Rousseau in Geneva, Dr. and Mrs. Lee were attracted by paintings by Wu Zuoren, Li Keran, and Huang Zhou. After visiting China in 1972, Dr. Lee built strong friendships with these aritists and collabrated great art work with them, which demonstrate the intersection of art and science.

1. Dr. Lee and Mr. Wu Zuoren

In 1988, Mr. Wu Zuoren designed the "Tai Chi Diagram" for the " International Symposium on two dimensional strongly correlated electronic systems" in Beijing.大师李政道的科学和社会贡献_页面_3.jpg     and this art work also used for:

-Logo of Beijing Electron Positron Collider

-The appearance prototype of Tsung-Dao Lee Library

2.Dr. Lee and Mr. Li Keran

Their communication began in 1979. In 1987, Dr. Lee invited Mr. Li Keran to create science art theme paintings. From 1987 to 1989, Mr. Li created 3 science art works.


3.Dr. Lee and Mr. Huang Zhou

大师李政道的科学和社会贡献_页面_5.jpg      4.Dr. Lee and Mr. Hua Junwu

大师李政道的科学和社会贡献_页面_6.jpg      5.Dr. Lee and Ms. Chang Shana


6.Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee and Mr. Wu Guanzhong


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