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The CUSPEA Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to promote international exchange and cooperation in science. 

This mission was originated in 1979 with Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee, the Nobel Prize Laureate in 1957. During the decade 1979-1988, Dr. Lee collaborated with the physics community in China and the United States to select and send students to the United States for graduate studies under the “China-U.S. Physics Examination and Application” (CUSPEA) program. This program has been very fruitful: the CUSPEA group has 915 Ph.D. scholars, of which about 400 scientists are active worldwide,  including 12 members of different science academies. About 500 CUSPEA scholars are working in various private sector industries around the world, some of them are well achieved entrepreneurs. More importantly, Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee has cultivated the spirit of "science belongs to all humankind" for the CUSPEA scholars. 

In keeping with this spirit, the CUSPEA Foundation has established the CUSPEA Prize to reward international scientific exchange and collaboration. Each year, the CUSPEA PRIZE will honor up to three young scientists from anywhere in the world, in any scientific fields, who have made remarkable contributions in scientific cooperation across borders.

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