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Call for Nominations

In October 2020, the CUSPEA Foundation decided to launch the annual CUSPEA PRIZE to honor outstanding young scientists and educators who have demonstrated international scientific cooperation as well as a proven record of the exchange and dissemination of scientific ideas and research across borders and nations. Each year, the CUSPEA PRIZE will honor up to three outstanding young scientists from anywhere in the world, thus paying tribute to Dr. Tsung-Dao Lee, along with the intangible efforts of scientists worldwide who have promoted international scientific exchange and cooperation.

Nominator Qualifications

CUSPEA PRIZE candidates need to be recommended by the nominator. The nominator can be:

1. Winners of previous CUSPEA PRIZE;

2. Scholars specially invited by the CUSPEA Foundation;

3. Scholars of the "China-U.S. Physics Examination and Application" (CUSPEA) program and related scholars who have supported the project;

4. Scholars of the "China–United States Biochemistry Examination and Application" (CUSBEA) program and related scholars who have supported the project;

5. Outstanding scientists and educators with international scientific exchange and cooperation experience worldwide, as well as administrators of well-known universities and research institutions, can self-recommend as nominators (subject to the verification and confirmation of the CUSPEA Foundation).

Candidate Qualifications

1. Outstanding achievements in international scientific exchanges and cooperation between any countries (not limited to China-related exchanges and cooperation);

2. Professionally engaged in scientific research and teaching, with outstanding results;

3. Not limited to specific nationality, race or scientific field;

4. CUSPEA PRIZE Award selection committee members and supervisors cannot be candidates during their tenure;

5. Candidates are under 45 years old (including those who have reached 45 years old after January 1st of the reviewing year).

Data Submission

The list of information required from each nominator is as follows: 


Candidate   Information

Nominator   Information


Identity information and contact information (Such   as ID card, contact information of the nominator, public information of a   well-known institution regarding the nominator, etc.)

Identity information and contact information of the   nominator


Candidate's resume and representative scientific   research and educational achievements

Nominator's resume


The candidates' achievements in the field of   international scientific exchange and cooperation, plus relevant supporting   materials

Recommendation   Letter of the   nominator to endorse the candidate


Other relevant materials which are helpful for   the award selection

Other materials that are helpful to verify the   authenticity of the nominator and candidate

 submit online  (submit link

or send the complete electronic version of the information to:

Deadline for Nomination

The deadline for receipt of nomination documents for the 2021 award is May 31, 2021, subject to the date of receipt of the electronic version. Information received after the deadline is automatically entered into the next year's award process.

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