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The CUSPEA Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Technology is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting international exchange and cooperation in science. The CUSPEA Foundation is recruiting volunteers worldwide, who are interested in cross-cultural communication, and committed to the mission of better understanding of the humanistic side of science.

General Requirements for Volunteers:

-Students or the general public who have a strong sense of responsibility and are enthusiastic about public welfare

-Fulfill voluntary service commitments, have a strong group awareness, actively participate in various service tasks according to the arrangements of the management department of the association; 

-Follow the discipline of volunteer positions, do not use volunteer service to obtain personal benefits;

-Comply with relevant laws, regulations and other obligations of the CUSPEA Foundation.

 By Volunteering, you can:

-Gain experience in organization and execution of social activities;

-Communicate with people from different backgrounds and well-known scientists;

-Receive volunteer service certificate;

-Receive volunteer gift pack (such as badges and T-shirts).


The CUSPEA Foundation is recruiting three types of Volunteers:

1、Translation Volunteers

-Able to translate CUSPEA-related Chinese materials into English or other languages


-Bachelor degree or above

-Excellent writing and translation skills between Chinese and other languages


2、Public Events Volunteers

-Able to participate in the public events and activities of CUSPEA Foundation


-Bachelor degree or above

-Volunteer service time can be freely allocated


3. Art Design Volunteers

-Art design of event posters and brochures


-Art design related majors


Volunteer Application:

Submit your application online Or email your resume to:

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